Project description

The primary aim of Sanok Digital Library is to offer its users an easy access to the sources (manuscripts, old prints, iconography) which are mainly connected with the region of the land of Sanok and the Lemki’s land. Through the Internet we would also like to popularize cultural heritage of the region and encourage, not only scholars but history lovers as well, to read the sources which are rendered accessible in a digital form. The sources that we regard as particularly valuable are the copies of documents and publications which we have commissioned to be done in Central National Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lvov and Lvov’s Academic Library NAN of W.Stefanyk in Lvov. SDL is going to present bibliographical descriptions of particular archival sets and selected documents. Bibliographical descriptions of the sources that are rendered accessible in SDL are prepared according to the rules of Dublin Core format and in agreement with Polish standards concerning bibliographical descriptions of different types documents. For an easier search and quicker finding, SDL’s publications are divided into categories:

Cultural Heritage – a collection that contains particularly precious sources (among the others there are copies of documents gathered in Lvov) and publications that appeared until 1945

Region-oriented sources – a collection that includes publications that concern the region of the land of Sanok and the Lemki’s land and were published after 1945 

The rules of rendering accessible:
For non-commercial users making use of SDL’s resources is free. It may happen that in order to satisfy requests by the owners of authorial and editorial rights the accessibility of certain publications will be limited.


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